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In commercial real estate agency you as the agent should have a series of marketing letters to stay in communication with the sellers and property owners of relevant and attractive commercial real estate.

Some would argue that you can send emails instead of letters, but the fact of the matter is that letters are more inclined to be read and emails are quickly deleted.  If you send a letter you can follow it up.  If you send an email, there is no point in following it up as it will have been lost in the hundreds of other deleted emails that most people struggle with daily.

So let’s say that you want to write some marketing letters.  Here are some rules to the process:

  • Ensure that the letter is no longer than one page.  Your text and signature should be contained on the one page.
  • Put your business card in the letter.  It is highly likely that it will be sighted and retained.
  • Keep the letter to 3 paragraphs of simple comments.  Don’t overload your letter with too much information.
  • Frame the letter to introduce your call follow-up.
  • Make the follow up call to all the letters you send within 4 days.
  • When it comes to specific people that you are chasing for business, send one letter a month for 4 months and follow up each letter; eventually you should get a chance for a meeting.
  • If the person will not take your call after 4 months it is time to drop them from your database.

If you are going to write letters about commercial real estate sales and leasing opportunity, it is best to have a separate reason and base of comment for each letter.  Here is a list of topics that support a well crafted letter.

  1. Good recent buyer enquiry
  2. Recent sales activity
  3. Limited stock creating an undersupply
  4. A specific need from a tenant or buyer
  5. Price escalations
  6. Relocations
  7. Renovations
  8. Zoning changes
  9. Permitted use
  10. Rent escalations
  11. Port and transport changes
  12. Recent enquiries from other campaigns
  13. Seasonal sales
  14. Target market enquiries
  15. Property cycle
  16. Time of year
  17. Sale and lease back
  18. Need premises to lease
  19. Comparable properties
  20. Property portfolio changes

Every one of these things will give you a solid reason to create and send a quality marketing letter.  As I said earlier, make sure you follow up all good letters sent and keep those letters simple.

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