Retail Shopping Centre marketing ideas and tips

This podcast is all about shopping centre marketing.  A good retail marketing campaign will help boost sales and lower vacancies in the typical retail property.  Build your marketing plan to boost property performance in so many ways.  What do you need to think about?  Here are some important questions to consider in your shopping centre marketing plan:

  1. Look at the competing properties in the area and your proximity to them.  Do they have locational advantages?  Can you replicate or improve property access in your shopping centre?
  2. Are there any differences in your property that can be strengths or weaknesses to the marketing process?
  3. Can you enhance your marketing effort to attract shoppers away from competing properties?
  4. Can you strengthen your marketing system to encourage people to shop more frequently within your property?
  5. When can you promote your property and how connected are you to the local customer base?

These ideas will help you build an effective retail property marketing plan.  Here is the shopping centre podcast: