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When you work in brokerage sales and leasing in commercial real estate, the telephone prospecting process is a good part of business generation. It is also a special skill to learn. If you are looking to attract more clients and listings over time, then how you approach people across the telephone is so important.

Who are you going to call? In reality, there are plenty of people locally in your town or city who are interested in commercial property. Just consider your property type, your territory, and your typical client profile. In that information will be the call list that you need to get started.

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Some agents struggle with the idea of making lots of calls each day; that then leaves the opportunities wide open for those that can master the process. Take charge of your real estate business with a ‘growth’ model boosted by outbound call activity.

In today’s podcast, we share the specific ideas behind the process of making calls to new people. The emphasis is on ‘new’ people because that is how you can grow your pipeline of new business.

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