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When you look at your allocated commercial real estate territory, there are special things that you can do to drive a professional business profile for yourself as a broker or agent. In this chart today there are four main ‘channels’ of marketing that you should have covered. Check out the chart below.

main sitting at computer
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Think both online and offline when it comes to your canvassing. All of the things in this chart can be easily actioned. Get out of the office every day as part of your overall strategy to meet new people. When you get out into your territory or designated property precincts, you will see issues of change and opportunity.

chart to dominate real estate business
A chart to help brokers with direct marketing in commercial real estate.

Time is important in your canvassing; don’t let things take you away from that. Spend at least half a day out of the office talking to new people in your territory. Conversations are critical to finding the leads and opportunities that exist. Become very familiar with your territory and precinct at a property and personal level. Here is the territory domination chart for commercial real estate brokers and agents.

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