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In commercial real estate agency today, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with the trends of the market and the events of the day.  Soon you are forgetting where you are heading as an agent and why you are doing it.  Focus is the key to keep you on track.

The average commercial real estate agent in a given working day will have lots of challenges such as the following:

  • Property owners that are not happy with their marketing campaign results
  • Lack of enquiry for some of your listings
  • Negotiations that have stalled and appear to be going nowhere
  • Property inspections that are not producing the results for the client or the listing
  • Difficulties in getting the parties to a transaction to understand the realities of the market
  • Competitors interfering with your clients
  • Competitors trying to take your listings
  • Prospective tenants or buyers attempting to negotiate with the client direct
  • Clients not telling you the big picture or the facts of what’s going on

You can probably add to this list quite easily.  There are many challenges to us as professional commercial real estate agents.  The fact of the matter is that we must remain focused and on task.  The negative issues of the day should not distract you from the positive things that you need to do.

There are plenty of difficult clients, properties, and negotiations that will come across your desk over time.  The fact of the matter is that you need to know how to handle them in a positive way.  Some you will win and some you will lose.  If you have plenty of other opportunity in the pipeline, the more of averages take over and you get better results.  A larger database and better prospecting model will fill in those gaps when some of your transactions become overly difficult or stagnant.

One of the best ways to stay on track is to focus the beginning of the day on the key issues and tasks that need to be done.  These things should be of a positive nature and allow you to improve your market share.  Prospecting for new business is a big part of those activities.

What you can do is start the day on a high through sticking to your daily plan and undertaking these key issues.  After 3 hours, you can go back to the other challenges that are likely to distract you, however you will have achieved positive momentum already in doing the correct things earlier on.

It is also good to remember the successes and the wins that you have had as a commercial real estate agent over time.  Those difficult transactions, clients, and property issues that were successfully resolved can be excellent leverage when it comes to redirecting your thoughts and actions today.  Keep a register or a list of those great testimonials and negotiation outcomes; when things get difficult, you can go back to your list and just see how you got through the harder things successfully.

The rewards in our industry are significant for those salespeople that can keep on track, shape their thinking, and take positive action.  It all comes down to what you do and what you think on a daily basis.

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