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When it comes to leasing commercial or retail there are a good number of things to work through to optimise the vacancy marketing, the inspections, and the negotiations. A plan or strategy is best developed to resolve that.

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Bigger Picture Leasing Facts

In this chart today, we give you the ‘bigger’ items to consider as you look to leasing a vacant property. The key issues on the leasing checklist and chart to work through as part of your landlord and tenant services include these:

  • Inspections to prepare the premises information
  • A SWOT analysis to review all the facts about the property
  • Setting a focus on a target tenant market
  • Researching the competing properties and vacancies
  • Setting competitive rents for the property and location
  • Checking out nearby businesses and tenants
  • Reviewing your database of enquiry
  • Establishing a local area marketing campaign

Download the Checklist for Leasing Premises Here

You can get the commercial property leasing chart here as a checklist to work through and use in your real estate career as a specialist leasing agent.

commercial real estate leasing chart for solving vacancy issues
Key facts to know and consider in leasing vacant premises.

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