Using an Advertising Agency in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is a wise strategy to choose an advertising person or agency to help and work with your real estate business and with its listings.  They can help you with advertising copy and layout, access to quality media outlets, and advertising cost savings.  They can also help you with the larger specialised property campaigns.

It is a fact that most real estate agents struggle with the following:

  • Writing the advert to feature the property and its improvements
  • Designing and writing different adverts for different media types
  • Knowing how to use words to attract readership
  • Creating a call to action that makes more people enquire about a property
  • Improving a specialised marketing campaign
  • Integrating listings and office property promotions with social media

Having used a number of high quality advertising agencies over the years for property marketing there is no doubt in my mind that they can help the real estate marketing effort in so many efficient ways; of course there is a cost to the process and that needs to be handled and recovered.

In most cases the cost of the marketing professional or advertising agency should be an element of any vendor paid advertising campaign.  It can be a ‘marketing levy’ that sits within all marketing campaigns.

High quality and larger properties benefit substantially from this process of specialist marketing help.  So how can you integrate this promotional strategy into your real estate business?  Here are some ideas:

  1. You can use a marketing agency or an experienced marketing consultant to provide the promotional services that you need.  There will be price factors and service differences between marketing companies and individuals; choose the right promotional solution for your business and listings, and then create a marketing levy that is part of the advertising recovery process with your exclusive listings.  Choose the specialists that you can afford for your real estate marketing and then recover the cost; that’s the rule and not the exception.
  2. The strategy that you apply here will help you create and implement the challenging marketing campaigns in shorter time.  The brochures for your listings, the advert layout, and any campaign coverage should improve significantly as a result.  That will then directly relate back to inbound enquiries and shorter time on market.  Your tracking processes for property enquiry and campaigns should prove that fact.
  3. You can and should use a professional photographer to supply images that match the newly created professional advertising copy.  The words and the images should be of the highest quality for every exclusive marketing campaign.
  4. When it comes to a complex listing pitch or a property proposal, the media company can help you with presentational materials.  This is a valuable strategy when you are working at the top end of the market with properties and clients that are of high status or corporate in nature.

So there are many good reasons to consider using an advertising agency and marketing company to help you with your property promotions and campaigns.  Many real estate agents find it hard to understand how to integrate listings, office marketing, and personal marketing into traditional and online media in the local area.  The process is unique and challenging.  The media person you are working with can simplify the process and help you with online and offline property marketing initiatives.

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