Using the 12 Factors of Attraction in Marketing Office Space for Lease

When you are looking to lease vacant commercial property, the factors of attraction that you can build into your marketing efforts will help you with enquiry.  In taking those factors you can use keywords in a descriptive way to attract the eye of the reader.

The general issues that relate to office leasing and will be the first to be satisfied by any potential tenant will include some or all of these.  I call them the ’12 Factors of Attraction in Office Leasing’.

  • Location of property and premises
  • Size of premises
  • Rent and occupancy costs
  • Image and branding
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy savings
  • Lighting configuration
  • Services and amenities
  • Communication systems
  • Area of floor plates
  • Fit-out design
  • Lease terms and conditions

So how would you market your listing around these 12 important points?  It is a sad fact that most agents and brokers are not much good when it comes to marketing creativity and advertising copy.  In many cases the adverts that are written and published by many agents both online and offline are a ‘regurgitation of generic property descriptions’.  That type of marketing can be written by a high school student and has no benefit whatsoever to improving property inquiry.

A great property for lease requires creative marketing and a well planned promotional campaign.  Top agents know how to do that.  Here are my ideas to help you.

Marketing Advantages

If you want to attract better inquiry for your exclusive listings then take the time to learn about property marketing and ‘words that attract and sell’.  Identify and practice the best words in describing different property types.  Here are some things you can do to help with that:

  1. Research – Look at other advertising examples both in and out of the property industry.  You will soon see how ‘very ordinary’ most property marketing campaigns are today.  Look for the best examples of marketing and understand what makes them standout.  That then gives you a great opportunity in promoting a quality property that is exclusively listed.
  2. Magazines – Glossy magazines can give you plenty of ideas to use and implement when it comes to headlines on property advertisements.  Start a collection of ‘headlines’ from all types of media.  Keep those headlines in a simple spreadsheet that you can scan to identify the right words and phrases for your property being marketed.
  3. Thesaurus – Perhaps some may think that the traditional thesaurus is ‘old school’ however it is still and will remain a valuable tool for writers and marketing specialists.  Today as real estate agents we can get a comprehensive thesaurus and load it onto our smart phones for ease of use and access.  Let’s say your commercial property to be leased is located in a ‘valuable location’ from a business perspective.  When you write a property advertisement you can look up the one simple word such as ‘valuable’ and you will have many alternatives to feed into your advertising copy and headline for the property.  In this case the word ‘valuable’ translates into many others such as prized, worthwhile, profitable, advantageous, and constructive.  You now have a selection of words to help you draft your property advertisement.
  4. Dot points and Layout simplicity – Today most property advertisements should be simple and attractive to the reader.  To do that you can use dot points (fewer sentences), plenty of ‘white space’, and professional photographs.  Most adults will not read a complex advertisement.   If you have a property that demands a detailed description, leave that process to the brochures you send via email.  Your direct advertising should be simple in form and attractive to the eye.  You want property enquiries to come in to you; that is the first goal of marketing.

Think about how you draft your advertisements for all of your exclusive and quality commercial real estate listings.  Take the time to identify the ‘factors of attraction’ in every listing so that you can help the property marketing process convey the right message in the right way.  Soon the listing bank of ‘exclusives’ will be creating better levels of inquiry and inspections.

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