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There are always some hidden talents that we can tap into when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage.  Understand what you are good at and where your specialist knowledge is best places. 

Create a focus on your people, contacts, property zones and precincts.  When you have done that, you can then build some momentum with your talents and natural abilities. 

Your natural talents and skills can give you more traction with clients and prospects.  We are all good at something, and that something can provide you with leverage in brokerage.  Improve on your strengths.  Resolve your weaknesses.

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What’s Your System?

Think about commercial real estate and how you do things now.  Break down your skills into the following and consider where your strengths are.  If you have any weaknesses, it is time to fix them through practice and personal development.

  • Engaging with new people in meetings and gatherings
  • Making outbound telephone calls to new people
  • Following up existing clients and property owners
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • The ability to negotiate property transaction
  • Accurate documentation with transactions
  • How to inspect properties and record facts
  • Marketing into the local area
  • Controlling your time and doing more with it
  • Tracking and measuring the results you are getting
  • Capturing the local information about a property and the improvements
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Attracting the New Business

There are three main ways to get more out of your real estate business, given all of the above factors. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Look at your client base and list – Where are the opportunities that you can work with?   Some people you will already know and will be on your files.  Others you will need to know over the coming period. Put your clients and the lists of people that you have now at the centre of your real estate business. So there is plenty to think about when it comes to connecting with people and helping with property situations.
  2. Practice your voice communications in all respects – Most of your new business will be generated by talking to people.  Emails and letters don’t have the same conversion factor as that of the outbound telephone calls made each day.  If you want to grow your real estate business, then think about your outbound calls and lift your frequency with that.  Consider the telephone, the meetings that you do now, and the presentations that you make.  There are many things that you can practice and use in those communications.  Your voice, the words you use and the conversational ability that you have, will help you connect with people in the right ways.
  3. Systems to work to – Ultimately you want to (or should) get in front of more people.  The organization in your working day is part of that.  It can take days or weeks to get through to some people and even then, they may not want to talk to you.  Diligence will help you proceed in brokerage as you make calls, create file notes, and keep up the strategies of talking to people.

So, the message here is that you can use your unique and natural skills to your advantage in commercial real estate.  Converse with and connect to people locally and see how you can help them.

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