Video – Commercial Office Property Performance Planning

In commercial real estate property management there are factors to track and measure in any property.  When that property is larger and consists of many tenants over the floors of a high rise building, there are systems and strategies to think about.

In this video we provide the main categories of focus needed to monitor a commercial building, the tenants, and the daily issues that can arise.

The issues raised include:

  • Tenant mix planning
  • Lease documentation
  • Longer term leases
  • Improved rental strategies
  • Extra income streams
  • Strategies to lower vacancy factors
  • Methods of outgoings recovery
  • Controlling expenditure in the property and setting a budget
  • Why you should have a tenant retention plan
  • Undertaking tenant interviews
  • Establishing maintenance routines
  • Understanding property compliance and occupancy codes

You can check out the video here:

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