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Ways of Capturing Market Facts and Information

The commercial property market is shifting and changing through the year, and right now is no exception.  As a result, there is a great deal to track, learn and do.  

There are fresh aspects of the market to tap into.  Agent activity and results are based on, and gleaned from, what you hear and see, and then how you use that information. 

Having a capturing and tracking process for local property information is wise and of strategic benefit to all agents.

Recent Property Information

Think about the last week and what new client connections and conversations you have made.  Could you have done more?  Could you have used the property information to a more significant effect? 

Every conversation and meeting can be the source of the next step to an opportunity in brokerage.  That opportunity could be next week, next month, or next year; you don’t know when.  Tracking the real estate conversation is an integral part of the process, and notetaking will help you stay on task.

Real Estate Agent Systems

Self-Improvement and Systems

How can you improve your skills and opportunities in brokerage today? Self-improvement is an essential aspect of a commercial real estate agent’s professional development.  Knowledge, information, and communication skills all go hand in hand. 

To be a top agent, working on those three elements will help you significantly through your career.  You never stop learning in real estate, and there are always new things to see, develop, and work on.

First, learn from what you see and how people respond to you or the market. Then, adjustments can be made, and opportunities are taken.

Learn and Practice

A crucial factor in becoming a “top agent” is the time spent learning and practising. In addition, a personal mindset of real estate growth and the determination to do that should also be included in the list of top agent characteristics.

A client or prospect can quickly identify any inexperience in an agent. For example, a new or fresh agent to an area or property type, the lack of knowledge, or the inadequate property skills displayed.   

Clients do not want to be a part of a “marketing experiment”. Instead, they want results with their property challenge and comprehensively so from all marketing efforts. That is where your experience and knowledge matter in brokerage today.

As I previously stated, practice and self-improvement are essential issues for agents in the property industry. They will assist you tremendously in determining where you want to go with your efforts and activities in the future.

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