Ways to be Fit in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Exactly how long does it take to get really focused and successful in commercial real estate as an agent or broker?  I guess you could answer the question in so many different ways.  The answer would depend on many things including:

  • Your market location
  • Your property speciality
  • The town or city of location
  • Number of support staff
  • Experience on the job
  • Available time to prospect
  • Professional and personal skills
  • The Brokerage you work for
  • Marketing resources and experience
  • Database size and use
  • Property Knowledge, etc

Given all of these things, one main rule flows through everything.  It goes something like this:

‘When you take regular and consistent steps each day to a prospecting plan, and improve your personal real estate skills at the same time, the results start to happen.’

Having been in the industry myself for over the 30 years, I regard the industry as a true profession.  The complexity of the property types and investment requirements of our clients always require focus and effort.

A Marketing Message

The marketing tools that we have at our disposal today make the property marketing process interesting and yet challenging.  Diversify your marketing efforts using the vast array of online and offline marketing tools.  Lift your personal brand online through many types of professional activity.

You never really stop learning; nor should you.  Your skills and knowledge will improve with time, and the speed of that process depends on your commitment and personal plan of action.   I guess that is the same in most things, however in commercial real estate the levels of commission are very significant beyond that of most other industries. 

Good commissions come to those agents that work hard and deliberately so.  Far too many agents live by the ‘luck principle’ and wait for things to happen; that is the slow way to do things.  Take control of your market with a personal plan of action; don’t wait for the ‘business to walk in the door’ or the ‘property market to change’.  Clients and commissions are always available to those agents that look for them.

If the property market has been challenging of late, now might be a good time to reassess your actions and focus. Commercial real estate brokerage and agency is a bit like a good game of golf. It takes you months of practice developing your swing and your strength to drive the ball further and with greater accuracy. When you get to the top of your game, the practice continues each and every day.

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