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Everyone knows that the property market is under change, and there will always be opportunities to be found from that change. It is time to win some listings or be in a position to convert the quality listings when they arise. It is all about improving your competitive edge.

This new property cycle will be so for the next couple of years. The real estate agents that adjust to the next property cycle now will be those agents that find most listings and the clients that they need.

It is time to consider your real estate business model and position as the agent of choice in moving ahead. Let’s give you some ideas.

Listing Approach

In today’s podcast, I want to share some ideas to help you think about being an exceptional agent in the new property cycle, the agent that can offer better real estate solutions and more strategies for clients under pressure and those looking for opportunities.

So, who are the new clients to serve in this next property cycle? They are particularly property investors. Today there will be investors looking for purchasing opportunities and other investors looking for sales solutions.

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The four elements that matter in brokerage

Look for Real Estate Change

Think about the changes in your property market today, the businesses, the property owners and the economic pressures emerging for each.

Consider the investors looking to improve real estate cash flow with quality firms and tenants in occupation. You can find that the change and churn in the property market will now be substantial, and the leverage you need to win property clients and listings.

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Gather the right market knowledge for brokerage.

Set Some Rules to Presentations

So, what is the rule here? Given that every town and city will have unique elements and pressures to consider, it is time to research your market.

See what is happening and look at the strengths and weaknesses of property investment, ownership, and occupancy. From that research, you can be the local top real estate agent ‘solution’ that people need in your location. The podcast here today will help you move toward that real estate status. Become the ‘real estate agent of choice‘.

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Setting your listing growth plan

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