Ways You Can Stay Well Ahead of the Game in Commercial Real Estate Presentations

When you are pitching for a commercial real estate listing, your preparation and approach to the issue will make or break the result.  Take the time to prepare to win the listing.  Stay ahead of your competition agents chasing the same listing by setting clear property targets and marketing messages in the presentation.

Establish the client’s involvement, help them see the solutions offered, and allow that process to influence the eventual decision.  A convincing and relevant presentation is something that can be constructed with a little preparation and skill development.

A High Quality Approach Matters

Every broker should have a high quality presentation that comprehensively covers the property, the local area, and client issues.

Think about these strategies:

  1. GET THE FACTS: Understand the property and the location comprehensively before you do anything else with the client. Failure to understand the property can leave you wide open to errors and misunderstandings.  Delve into all the property strengths, weaknesses, and attributes that may impact your marketing or inspection methods.
  2. SET CLEAR TARGETS: Have the client agree with your impressions of target market given the property as it is today. That simple agreement will allow you to open up on the marketing alternatives with 2 or 3 strategies that reaches out to the right people ready to consider property purchase or occupation.
  3. CHART THE STAGES: Show the specific stages of strategy and the steps of moving ahead. Whilst the client may just be looking for a completed sale or lease, your coverage of the important issues and stages will help the client see exactly what you will be doing to help them.  Most agents and brokers do not spend enough time in telling the client about how their special promotional methods can impact results.
  4. COMPARISONS ARE IMPORTANT: Show the client the comparable properties on the market and the competing listings. Whilst most clients will say that their property is superior to others, the fact of the matter is that the competing listings will impact the clients thinking.  If they are realistic about wanting a positive property result then competing properties matter.
  5. ASK FOR THE BUSINESS: When you know that the client has fully understood the things that you have said and grasped all recommendations made, don’t be afraid to ask for the business.  If they are uncertain about the decision then go over your key points and resolve any grey areas.  If your presentation is professionally special, then the conversion of the listing should not be hard.
  6. AVOID DISCOUNTS: Don’t discount your property services or let the client introduce that process into your presentation; any discount offering or request should be avoided or declined. Any client that asks for discounts in commissions or marketing costs is not serious about achieving the end result and has not been totally convinced about you and your property ideas and services.

Make your property presentation stand out as superior in every respect when it comes to the client and the property.  Improve your presentations with regular practice.

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