Website and Internet Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Your website today is the front door of your commercial real estate agency business. Commercial real estate enquiries will come to you from the Internet, as well as the more traditional ways of marketing. Importantly, the Internet should be respected and handled as part of your marketing initiatives.

Here are some ideas to help you with building an online profile for your agency or for yourself.

  1. Establish consistent branding across the site. That branding should be consistent with all local agency signage, marketing material, and your agency. The same colours, logo, and message needs to be fed through the marketing initiatives.
  2. As a basic rule, the photographs that are loaded to your website should always be professionally taken. That rule applies to staff, listings, and local market information. A poorly placed amateur photograph will destroy the appearance of the web page. To look professional you must maintain the right image.
  3. Choose the keywords that relate to your location and your property speciality. When it comes to selling, leasing, or managing commercial real estate, there will be certain words that people use on the Internet in the search engines. Research those keywords and logically apply them to the content on your website. The same can be said for the listings that are loaded to your website.
  4. Understand the difference between listings and content. Whilst many agents will be updating their website frequently with new listings, do not overlook the requirement to put new content on to your site that is informative and helpful for people that are leasing, buying, selling, or requiring management services. The search engines like to see increasing levels of relevant content. If this is done, it helps your website become more highly ranked relevant to your location.
  5. The process of blogging is highly effective when it comes to search engine optimisation. By adding a new article every day relevant to your location or property speciality, the visibility of your website will improve. You need to write a brief article of about 400 words for this purpose. If you can’t do one of these articles each day, then adopt a strategy of doing it weekly.
  6. The description tags and Meta tags within the webpage should be optimised for your agency. Whilst this is a very easy process, you may require the assistance of a website technician to show you how it is done. These tags are specifically selected for your location and property type. The right tags will help your website capture the enquiry from the search engines
  7. The home page should feature a process to have people log their details for further information. That login process should also link to your database and an auto responder system. The auto responder should be branded with relevance to your agency.
  8. The time to load the site should be relatively short. To achieve this short load time, the website design and or the photographs should all be optimised for minimal file size. Given the prolific number of mobile devices today, the website should also be optimised for tablets and mobile display.
  9. The hosting for your website should be in the country of business generation. This will help with the search rankings and results.
  10. Choose a domain name that relates to your property type and or location. The correct domain name is a very powerful way to capture enquiry. You can purchase a few domain names like this relative to your location and property type that can be pointed to your agency website.
  11. Your e-mail newsletter should link to the properties advertised on your website. Having the link back from your e-mail newsletter to the website boosts the number of visitors to your website and lets them see that the other properties that you may have available for immediate sale or lease.
  12. Make sure that you have some analytical software to track the number of visitors on your website. This is quite important in that you can track the increase in visitors over time. You can also see what they do when they visit your website.
  13. Social media can be merged into the web page design and the listings. If you are going to use social media as part of a marketing strategy, someone will need to take ownership of it. It is an ongoing process requiring diligent effort and correct branding.
  14. Provide some free information on your website to capture the details of visitors. Provide a free report relative to the local property market that may attract interest from the visitors to your site. The report can be made available to them providing they give their e-mail the address and contact information.

So there are a number of strategies here to develop. In some cases you can get assistance from web developers to guide you. The important fact is that you get started down the path of a website optimisation and internet marketing for your commercial real estate agency.

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