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In commercial real estate brokerage today, you can create plenty of opportunity over time through a direct mail marketing campaign. That campaign can complement other strategies of connection such as calls, meetings, local area canvassing. Put some system into the local area, and you will find new business, be that in sales, leasing or property management.

Sending letters to key people and across target markets or building occupants is part of the canvassing process. Connect with your market by sending direct mail pieces that are carefully written with relevance to the reader.

What can you say about your location or property types? Information with a local focus that you can share will show people that you are a relevant player in the industry and someone that they can use at the right time. Information creates conversations.

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Commercial Real Estate Direct Mail Pieces


What About Emails?

Certainly, emails today have a place in brokerage communication for convenience and frequency, but the traditional letter process is still highly successful over time and should not be ignored. Most emails get deleted, and that is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Spend some time and money on simple and direct letters that you send to particular people locally. Don’t send too many letters, as this is all about letter quality and not quantity. Your professional correspondence should be built around a core message that is matched to the target audience. That could be:

To Investors – Information about recent sales and prices
To Landlords – Changes in current and future supply of lettable space
To Business Owners – Road and property changes in a precinct
To Tenants – Shifts in rental and leasing laws for a location or property type

So, let’s look at the elements of Direct Mail marketing and how you can use that in your commercial real estate business. Consider the following elements and focus on them in your contact program.

1. Have something ‘local’ to say about property, enquiry, regional activity or enquiry
2. It’s not about you; it’s about them so craft your message into the needs and interests of the person you are connecting with. That gets easier when you stay in targeted groups of people such as investors, business owners, tenants, or business segments.
3. Choose your investors carefully knowing what they have done in the local area over time and what they own today. Are they likely to need help to do something with property in the future? Ensure that you show your expertise accordingly.
4. Choose your business owners and create a series of letters. Over time, a number of different letters to local business owners will get ‘remembered’ and appreciated.

If you are about to send out some letters, then think about these issues and questions. What can you put into your correspondence that others will appreciate and read? Whatever you say, make it brief and direct; size matters when it comes to a mail piece. Most adults do not like reading a multi-page correspondence piece.

Marketing letters in commercial real estate brokerage

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