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In commercial real estate brokerage, the sales letter process can help you build market share if you develop the correct system of action and process.  That will normally be a system of sending sales letters to a particular area, and those qualified people that you know will one day need the services of a top real estate agent.  Research is required to achieve that.

So here are some tips to help you establish the sales letter system at a personal level to support your growth of listings and clients:

  1. It is better to send a small number of letters every day than it is to send a large number that you cannot follow up on.  The basic foundation of the letter process involves sending letters to the right people and then contacting them by telephone to strengthen the message originally sent.  Divide your area and prospect list up into groups where this selective sales letter process can occur.
  2. Create a cycle of letters to send over a period of 12 months.  Different messages will be required in each contact process.  You can provide some local market information in sales, leasing, or property management as the case may be.  That will help with readership.
  3. The letter should be short and simple.  Adults don’t generally read a lengthy marketing piece unless something grabs their attention.  Keep the letters to 3 or 4 paragraphs and no more than a single page of content. Your personal signature should appear at the base of the first page of the letter.
  4. Have a title or headline that grabs attention.  To help with that approach, get a book of ‘words and phrases that sell’.  It is remarkable how that will help with your readership.
  5. Always enclose your business card with the correspondence.  Avoid putting anything else in the envelope.  That will help in focusing your efforts of contact in the follow-up telephone call.
  6. Work the sales letter around ongoing contact and the next phase of contact. Refer to the fact that you will be making a call to the person in the next few days.
  7. Whilst the letter will be on letterhead and you will be enclosing a business card; some agents and brokers personalise the envelope to help with the conversion factor. This means that you should handwrite the envelope.  Only do this if you have reasonable and respectable handwriting.

So what can an ongoing sales letter process do for you?  It will help you connect with new people in your market, together with a general improvement of meeting conversions.  Get your letter system started.

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