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In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, it’s reasonable to expect some things to go wrong within a transaction, so as an agent, stay committed to the deal throughout the entire inspection, negotiation, and closing process.

When you think a deal is done, there are still likely to be a number of outstanding issues requiring close monitoring. Why is that? How can you position yourself to handle those issues effectively?

The egos of the people, the comparable properties, and the challenges of the competing parties will shift the focus; some factors will change the direction of a transaction. You can solve those issues through practice.

In today’s podcast, we share ideas and tips about what you can do with a property transaction and the actual negotiation to remain in control. It will help you understand what people think about property and do in commercial real estate.

Bargaining and Discussion

There are plenty of real estate priorities for people today when it comes to purchasing, selling, or occupying the property. Even if a deal appears to be closed, it is almost never the case. When you think that things are all good with the closure of the sale or lease, it is very common for things to change.

Why is there all that change impacting our deals? The people we work with in commercial property have priorities and challenges when it comes to real estate. Our job focus for our clients in all situations is to get satisfactory outcomes at the best prices or rents, and in a timely way.

Reaching an Agreement

What is happening in your property market today? Pressures change, priorities shift, and many parties to a property transaction will be prepared to take risks. Read the signs and know the elements of the deal.

Keep your focus on the transaction in all ways. Constantly check in with the most important people to make sure everything is going according to plan. Ensure that the parties to a real estate transaction are doing what they say and what they should be doing.

In today’s podcast, there are some guidelines to help you move the deal along and not lose control of it.

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