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Let us say you have five to ten good quality listings for sale on an exclusive listing basis.  You may also have some others that are a bit ‘ordinary’ as well.  There are choices to be made when it comes to your listing stock and how you work with your listings. 

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The first rule is for you to work differently with ‘exclusive’ listings versus ‘open’ listings.  Recognise the level of involvement from you to your listings and your clients.

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Listing Process Systems

The second decision to make is to split your listings into priorities and possibilities.  That will be ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ grades of listings.  You can make your own choices of the ‘criteria’ to be set in each group, given your preferred property types and your current market conditions.  Not all listings are ‘equal’, and the same can be said for clients.  Know your priorities and opportunities.  Plan your actions on all your listings.

So, let us go further.  There are strategies to be formed and taken, and it is all to do with your property listings and how you work with them.  Do not just list your properties and let the marketing process happen online.  Use your listings comprehensively to connect with other people in your location.

We all usually have a broad selection of properties for sale at some point.  Within that process, you can develop strategies to apply to properties in different ways.  Think about your listings and what you are doing with them.  Optimise your listing strategy to talk to a lot of people.

Grading Your Listings

Where can you start?  You can ‘grade’ your listings as the first point of setting this process in place.  Make your decisions of ‘grading’ based on what a good listing is or should be for you and take those listings into the local area as part of a ‘showcase’ marketing process.  Do more with your listing stock and create the local conversations.

Most agents have listings that tend to ‘sit’ on the books for a long time.  It is a fact of the market, but sometimes as agents, we do not do enough with a listing to find the buyers. 

When you ‘grade’ your listings, you can see what properties you should be working on in various ways, and then the process of action starts to take shape. 

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Property Marketing Choices

You can make choices in your marketing, and that will be based on what your listings are like.  It is also based on what people are looking for in a property; it is also necessary to think about how the target market would respond to the property offers. 

Know your local property market for what it is and where the sentiment seems to be.  Here are some ideas to help with that:

  1. Concentrate on specific property types and target buyers – when you drill down into property types, it makes it a lot easier to talk to particular buyers and follow up on leads.  Property situations frequently change for business owners and investors.
  2. Send out emails and brochures to targeted groups – relevance is essential when you send out emails.  Choose your groups by interests, location, potential price, and timing.  The only way to get to that information is through conversations and database updates.
  3. Create case studies to share in your local area marketing – most business owners and investors are interested mainly in their location and or preferred property types.  That is why all of your marketing can be tuned to the people you are talking to.  As part of that, use your VIP list to build up inspection momentum.
  4. Mix and match your marketing channels – use three or four marketing channels to optimise your coverage.  You can build a practical and straightforward approach to marketing in your campaign that will allow you to reach out to many people in your target groups and your target area.

So, these are some of the things you can do in showcasing your sales listings in your location.  Put some ‘sharpness’ into your real estate sales campaigns, so there is a better chance of getting results over time. 

There is a message here.  One listing and the associated sale or marketing process can turn into many others; that is usually the outcome when you do the ‘deep and direct things’ with your listing stock.

Look at every listing as a reason to talk to other people and build those connections.  When you create conversations, you will find the leads and the property transactions that you are looking for.

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