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Why High Quality Listings are Always Better in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can focus on getting listings, or you can focus on getting quality listings in your location.  There is a big difference in levels of enquiry when it comes to those better listings in your location.  This observation is particularly important when you start your career.  Think about these questions:


  • Do you chase any listings for the sake of having them on your books? or
  • Do you focus on quality listings on an exclusive basis?


There is a difference in the number of listings that you will have with either of these questions, depending of course on which way you want to go.  Some agents will argue that you need any listings at the very start of your career.  While I get the point, I differ on the point of quality.


Quality listings will always allow you to talk with better quality people and those that can act on a property in today’s market.  Why waste time talking with or acting for people that can only afford the lowest quality of property and those properties that are not at ‘market price or rent’?


The Easy Way or the Hard Way?


It is always harder to sell or lease low-quality properties.  Don’t make your career any harder than it needs to be.


So what happens with these higher quality properties?  Try some of these for starters:


  1. Your website presence improves with more ‘hits’ from inbound enquiries.
  2. The search engines see your listings as having more online appeal and attraction to fulfil their enquiries.
  3. If you group your listings for locations and target audiences, then you will likely find that marketing your property specialisation is a good deal easier.
  4. It is easier to grow your database with the enquiries coming in from good quality listings.
  5. Your marketing profile improves for a location when you are seen as the person of skill with the better properties.
  6. It is easier to convert vendor paid marketing with quality properties to make sure you are covering the location and the target market.


These points of focus should help you rethink your prospecting and marketing processes.  The decision of taking on any listing is always yours.  If you believe that the property, the client, and the pricing process align to the current market circumstances, then you have a reasonable chance of getting a positive result.


I was discussing the point of ‘marketing belief’ with an agent recently.  Essentially I was saying that you must believe in a listing and its potential for sale or lease before you take it to the market.  So the final point here is that you must believe in your listing and its ‘attraction’ to the local area of buyers or tenants as the case may be.

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