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Why Video Marketing is Important for Real Estate Agents

Why should real estate agents use video marketing? A quick answer to this question is that real estate video marketing can help agents stand out from their competitors. Videos can also help them make connections with prospective property buyers and sellers. Ultimately, they can sell more properties using videos.

According to surveys by NAR- the National Association of Realtors, 44% of the home buyers start their property search online while 73% of the buyers and sellers like working with real estate agents who use videos, Properties listed with videos get 4x the inquiries of properties listed without videos.

Well-made property videos, whether aerial shots captured using a drone or a virtual tour recorded on the phone, are invaluable resources for buyers and sellers. Such videos showcase properties in detail and offer results far more satisfying than those from a textual description or photo.

So, without further ado, let us see why video marketing is crucial for real estate agents:

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Learn how to use video in commercial real estate.

1. Videos Are More Engaging

As per reports, people watch 2.5 hours of online videos every day on average. The same study puts down that 86% of the real estate agents using videos say that it increased traffic on their sites. So, videos offer conversions, sales, and ultimately huge returns on low investment.

Since the human brain processes visuals faster than text, a quick video makes it easier for agents to get their message across. 94% of them agree that video is one of the most useful real estate video marketing tools for them as it has helped their clients gain a better understanding of the properties on offer.

As per the Generational Trends Report by NAR, agent personality and reputation rank amongst the top 5 most significant factors, buyers consider when looking for properties. So, it can be useful for real estate agents to plan and convey their personalities through a well-made video quickly.

Top-quality videos with valuable insights and information can help real estate agents build authority, especially when wanting potential clients’ confidence and trust.

2. Videos Generate Reliable Leads

As a real estate agent, how do you get people into looking at your property listings? Videos will do the job for you. They can bring in page views. Embedded videos with links to website pages get 157% more organic search results than those without links.

Compelling real estate videos are the last nudge buyers need for sending an email or making a call to a real estate agent. Sharply produced visuals are good at persuading sellers to work with a real estate agent. Such videos make them confident that their properties will be highlighted properly.

Take an example of a video shot for Brian Lewis, a listing agent for properties in Manhattan. His videos include the perfect blend of external shots offering prospective buyers an idea of the location of the properties and internal shots showing Lewis taking advantage of the different features of the properties.

Such videos with detailed external and internal shots are useful for people who have not bought the property earlier in a certain area while also giving them an idea of the interiors.

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Create interest in your real estate videos

3. Customers Prefer Videos More Than All Other Content Forms

Research says that the majority of the customers prefer videos more than any other content form. Part of this preference is because videos are easy to consume. They are way more convenient and quicker than going through the text.

On top of this, social media platforms recommend video sharing more than posting textual content. But just because people like videos does not mean you can create them for anybody. Knowing the target audience is a must for a real estate agent.

As a general rule of thumb, you must target millennials because they continue to represent the largest percentage of property buyers. And they have a solid preference for mobile-first, social, and video content. This means if you are not using videos in your property business, you might be missing out on some of the biggest opportunities.

4. Video Marketing Improves Search Engine Rankings

These days people are more into consuming video content. Go through your Facebook news feed, and you will find 80% of the posts in video form. Not to mention YouTube, where you must create videos that people can discover in the local search results.

Many real estate agents are not aware that videos are useful in improving the discoverability of their brand across YouTube and Facebook. Creating videos focused on local market understanding will get good rankings for all the long-tail keywords.

For instance, if you are a property agent from Ontario, there is no point in creating videos about the Ontario real estate market. That’s because the top news websites will already cover this topic, making it difficult for you to rank.

Therefore, a better idea is to make videos covering small areas and neighbourhoods for market knowledge and overviews. In the same way, authentic local content will generate more local traffic from individuals searching specific neighbourhoods intensively.

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Use video to build your real estate client interest

5. Videos Are Shareable

Video is quick at capturing the attention of the viewers. And when the viewers like certain videos, they have a higher chance of sharing them on different social media platforms.

Even these platforms make it very easy for the viewers to re-share videos on other popular networks. Emily Kellenberger, a real estate agent from California, is known for her property listing videos that feature cinematic shots of the exteriors and interiors of homes along with drone footage.

Here videos are immensely shared and re-shared on different social media platforms for smooth and crisp footage. And yes, her videos also include Emily’s contact details so prospects can reach out to her easily if interested.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you are helping a small, middle-class family get its new home or selling mansions to the rich and famous, videos offer more value than text and images.

From expert tips to indoor and outdoor property tours, videos can establish you as the leader in the industry. If you are still not leveraging the power of real estate videos, it is high time you do it!

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