Why You Should Consolidate Your Commercial Real Estate Advertising Strategies

When it comes to promoting any commercial real estate listing today, make sure that your advertising strategies are clearly aligned to the target market, the location, and the property type.  You only have one opportunity to create market interest and enquiry with any fresh and new listing.

Consolidate your advertising strategies so that they are finely tuned to the results that you seek for both the brokerage and your client.  Track the results that you are getting with any listing exclusively promoted, so that you can make adjustments where necessary with the marketing and the advertising message.

Most property campaigns need to be adjusted and refined to improve the levels of enquiry.  Keep the client fully informed and advised of the adjustments needed and those that you are making.  Take the time to improve the levels of enquiry within each and every high quality listing on your books.

Marketing Control

When you control the listing, you will also control the enquiry and on that basis you are the person to improve the enquiry rate and convert the inspections.  The period of time to do that at the start of any marketing campaign is relatively short and specific.  Understand that your advertising strategies should be effective in many different ways so that you can pull in the fresh new enquiry and convert the inspections.  The generic advertising process today simply doesn’t work.

So the message here is that you can and should plan the advertising and marketing strategy for the specific property and the challenges or opportunities presented.  Ultimately the client wants a result in a timely and direct way.  If the client has entrusted you with an exclusive listing, then the marketing strategy and the campaign implementation escalates to a whole new level of activity.  That activity will involve you as the industry specialist and marketing expert.

Some Key Marketing Questions

Here are some promotional questions and ideas to help you make your advertising and marketing activities with commercial property quite special:

  1. Who are you attracting to the property? Understand the target audience and the motivational factors that will move them to action and most particularly making an enquiry.  The advertising copy and promotional message used for every exclusive listing should be clearly aligned to a specific target audience.  Create an effective headline, and use a series of dot points to pull in the people that you want to convert.
  2. How long should the campaign be? Most property campaigns should be short and specific.  The average campaign in commercial real estate should be structured to a period of 6 to 8 weeks.  During that time the target market should be fully explored using the different media channels, and location marketing undertaken.  In other words you should be comprehensively covering the area with all of your marketing to ensure that each and every person potentially interested in the property understands its availability and recent release.
  3. How can you make sure that you are attracting relevant and qualified enquiry? With the online marketing process today you can track the number of websites clicks occurring, and e-mail click through resulting from the database dispatch.  You will soon know the properties that are creating the greater levels of enquiry and interest.  Over time you can track those enquiry processes so that you can see trends for the location and the property type.
  4. How can you get personally involved in the campaign? Most agents and brokers today fail to get personally involved in the marketing of special and unique listings.  They wait for the enquiry to come to them from the Internet or signboard, and at that point they will then inspect the property with any qualified tenant or buyer (as the case may be).  If you are converting exclusive listings, then you would need to get involved with the marketing process for each listing at a personal level.  That will mean contacting business owners and investors for the location and the target market.  You are the best person to create the property churn and the property interest.  You are the best person to elevate the levels of enquiry for any high quality listing.  It directly follows that you should be totally involved and interested in every marketing campaign.  If the property listing does not excite you and or the client is difficult, then there is no point in taking on the listing appointment.

So the message here is that you can do more with your marketing activities.  Understand the listings that you have currently, and choose the best ones that you can create reasonable levels of property enquiry from.

You can get more marketing tips in commercial real estate brokerage in our eCourse ‘Snapshot’ right here.

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