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Why You Should Put the Customer at the Centre of Your Commercial Real Estate Career

Every commission that you want to earn in your career as a broker or an agent in the future is currently in someone else’s pocket. On that basis, you need plenty of clients to serve, and those clients need to trust you as the expert for the location.  You will also need plenty of prospects to convert into clients.


There is a system to the process of brokerage growth.  If you want to build a strong and resilient career in the commercial property industry, then your business system is foundational to the results that you will attract and receive.


Client Base Growth


What can you do? Create a procedure to grow a client base in commercial real estate brokerage, and the faster you get into that idea, the quicker your real estate business will thrive.  Let’s get started on the idea.  There are some key questions to ask yourself about this, and they are:


  • What is the value that you’ll bring to your clients when it comes to the commercial real estate?
  • How can you improve levels of trust with your clients in the local area?
  • Why should someone listen to you and your property ideas?
  • Why should anyone regard you as the expert they need to solve their property problems?


They are all key questions to consider as part of commercial real estate brokerage specialisation.  They will impact your business.  The answers are important to your real estate business and how you connect with your market.


Somehow in the ‘scheme of things’ each of us must build a ‘brand’ on a personal basis as a local agent.  Given the competition agents are always on the hunt for properties and clients, there are special things that you should consider.



Client Focused Real Estate Business


Let’s try for some customer care logic and communication skills to improve your brokerage activities.


Here are some proven rules for that:


  1. Explain the property market facts – things change when it comes to property activity in a town or city.  As the specialist, you can monitor those changes and report on them. Use market evidence in all negotiation discussions.  It is hard for anyone to dispute or avoid property market facts.
  2. Use timelines with your clients in explaining strategies – the visual approach to marketing a property is very helpful for clients.  In saying that, put the client’s property challenge into the timeline.  Make it personal and property related.
  3. Know the property and the client first before recommending anything – when you do that, you remove pressure for your clients and make decisions easy
  4. Document all client discussions, instructions, and decisions – there will be differences of opinion and discussion in all property related matters.  Keep yourself out of trouble by documenting everything professionally.
  5. Have a property helpline or online portal for your clients to use 24/7 – you can also use a response team on complex matters such as property management and project leasing.  Get the right responses structured for your VIP clients.  Make it easy for them to find you and work with you.


Taking these things, you have the foundation of a customer care model in the commercial and retail real estate industry.  As mentioned, the commissions that you are seeking today and in the future are in someone else’s pockets now.


The levels or your property specialisation and relevance in the local property market will help you move things ahead and find both more commissions and better clients.  Take these ideas and shape them into your real estate business.

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