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Let’s say you have just started a career in commercial real estate brokerage.  Where do you find new opportunities for listings and commissions?  In the first instance, the best way to get started is with local business owners.  You can use the business telephone book for your location to get things started.  Make cold calls into the location of businesses, and understand what they are thinking about when it comes to property ownership or occupancy.  (NB – you can get plenty of new business ideas in our Snapshot Podcast and Course – Get it here, it’s free)


Stay local and dig into the business owners.  Make plenty of calls each day to the businesses; canvass the streets to know who those businesses are and what they are thinking.  Put notes into your database after every conversation.  Soon you will find the leads and the momentum in your real estate career.


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Podcast


In commercial real estate brokerage, local business owners are an opportunity for new business. Sales and Leasing opportunities exist. Learn how to tap into that through this podcast.

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