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Your First Steps to Take in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

Commercial real estate brokerage is a specific process. At the foundation of everything in your real estate business are relationships that you establish with clients and the growth cycle of listings.

How you get to that business base is important and systems of regular contact can take you there. Good real estate systems build a real estate business faster.

Telephone Contact System

In today’s podcast, John Highman shares specific ideas about establishing a real estate prospecting system using the telephone as the basic business tool of choice.

The ideas are an illustration of just how you can get more leverage into your local area property owners and business leaders.

money in piles

This podcast will help you understand the rules to establishing a ‘framework’ of contact that can help you grow your business over time. The bare facts of real estate always come down to people and contact processes.

Do your mental arithmetic based on the ideas here in the podcast. You will soon know how you can connect with more people to get the leads and the contact processes under control. The real estate prospecting calculations are simple. Here is the podcast.

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