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How to Qualify Prospects for Better Appointments

In today’s podcast you can get plenty of ideas about how you can be qualifying people comprehensively as part of taking a property enquiry. Listen to the 14 different facts that you can explore in taking an enquiry in commercial real estate sales and leasing today. (Note: If you would like more ideas about commercial […]

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How to Qualify and Service Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you have an investment buyer on your enquiry books or in your database for investment property, then work the person and their purchasing opportunity deeply in a relevant and real way.  Service them comprehensively; show them all of your listings that match their needs.  (NB – you can get our free course on commercial […]

Effective Solutions for Working Commercial Property Buyers and Tenants

In commercial real estate brokerage some of the buyers and tenants that you interact with can waste a lot of your time.  The only way to protect your time with these people is to fully qualify them before you take action and help them. Your Time is Valuable One underlying principle here is to remember […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Tips for Working with Property Buyers

There are many ways to approach and create opportunities in the commercial real estate industry. Part of the process should involve identifying and connecting with qualified property buyers in a regular and ongoing way. There are some ways to do that effectively and to keep control of the information that you give out. One very […]


Commercial Real Estate Buyers are a Dime a Dozen – Here’s Why

The buyers in this property market are a dime a dozen.  Many of those buyers will tell you they can act on a property, when in reality they have no intention or the capacity of doing so.  Those buyers can waste a lot of your time as a broker or an agent. Many agents will […]


Qualify Commercial Real Estate Buyers the Right Way

In commercial real estate brokerage you need buyers to close on deals, but set some rules as to how you work with them.  The qualifying process is really important. Before going further into this topic, understand that quality listings and properties in your area will create better levels of enquiry from buyers looking for investment […]

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