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We provide specialised commercial, industrial, and retail real estate training, resources, skills, and advice to property Agents and Brokers globally. We do that here online, also in international real estate conferences, courses, webinars, and 1-on-1 coaching.

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Marketing Plan Strategies for Real Estate Agents

What is your real estate marketing doing for you now in commercial real estate? Are you reaching the right people in your location and can things improve? If you are like most agents, the marketing process can always improve. It is a deliberate process. Consider what you can do and here below are some ideas…

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The Best Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Services

How do you pitch your real estate services in this changing market? First, understand the property market in your location for the dynamic changes and then sell your services based on unique solutions. Then, use the market changes to build some deep and direct marketing solutions for your client and their property. Be the Special…

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Solving Problems in Real Estate Listing Presentations

Today you will always have a few challenges in making a listing presentation. The client will have specific ideas for you to work through and the property market will give you some pressures and issues to understand and solve. The best way to convert more listings today as an agent is by preparing for the…

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How to Target Better Commercial Real Estate Agent Results

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is exciting to review if you are still on track with your targets and goals. See how you’ve done each day and what you could have done better. You can do the same assessment at the end of each week. Review can allow change, and commercial real estate as…

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HOA Fees Ranked Across the US

Buying a home in a community with a homeowner association means that you’ll be paying more fees each month, and that can affect whether or not a home is within your budget. The cost of these HOA fees varies widely depending on the city you are in, the type of community, and what is included…

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The Exclusive Listing Fast Track

The exclusive listing process in commercial real estate is unique in several ways, but mostly because it brings about a better result for your clients when you compare it to the other methods of sale. It can and should be the foundation of your real estate business over time. Do you want to win more…

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