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Recent Agent Resources

Learn the Fastest Ways to Sales Planning with Listings

In today’s video, I’d like to give you the ten (10) specific skill sets that all sales agents should possess in order to successfully grow their real estate business. What is the best place to begin with this? It really doesn’t matter which agency or brokerage you work for; rather, it matters what you do…

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How to Build a New Client Marketing Machine

In commercial real estate and as a broker or agent, your network of people and contacts will give you the foundations of ongoing business.  There is a marketing system to connect with a client list so you can get the most out of it.  Are you ready for the challenge of client contact?  The rewards…

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Top Quality New Business Plan for Agents

What is your new business plan in brokerage for the next 12 months? Forward planning is a good idea for every agent today. Have you ever thought about a plan for your new clients and listing growth? Some commercial real estate brokers and salespeople believe that they can spend just a whole day once a week…

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Ways of Capturing Market Facts and Information

The commercial property market is shifting and changing through the year, and right now is no exception.  As a result, there is a great deal to track, learn and do.   There are fresh aspects of the market to tap into.  Agent activity and results are based on, and gleaned from, what you hear and…

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Planning to Be a Successful Agent Today

There are a variety of approaches that can be taken by agents and brokers today in planning for positive results. Given the changes in the property market, personal achievement in commercial real estate brokerage is very possible. Where can you start? Think about your location. Your town or city and the current real estate market…

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Example of a Client Creation System

Your client list in commercial real estate is the foundation of just about everything you want to do and can achieve in the business. If success in commercial real estate is your focus, then read on. Spend more time in building your list of clients and use that list every day to produce more conversations….

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