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Agent Core Topics

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Sales Resources

Selling commercial real estate incoporates many skills of marketing, negotiation, listing, and documentation. Check out some resources here on that.

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Leasing Resources

In leasing commercial real estate you are working with landlords, tenants, developers, and franchise groups. Get more ideas on that here.

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Property Management

Property management services today cover office, retail, and industrial assets. Get more ideas on that right here.

Select Property Types

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Office Property

Office property market today is changing with the requirements of investment, tenant occupancy, and property performance. Check out the ideas here.

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Retail Property

Retail Shopping Centres and retail shopping are firmly positioned in investment property performance. Get strategies and solutions for investmen and occupancy here.

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Industrial Property

Industrial properties today are essential to the functions of the economy, business growth, and overall investment. Industrial is the first and foremost investment category for many.

John Highman – Principal

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John Highman, Real Estate Author, Broadcaster, Speaker

The Commercial Real Estate Online team is headed by international real estate author, broadcaster, and conference speaker, John Highman.

Principal John Highman – ‘Your real estate market will have plenty of new business opportunities at any time. The same is true with your property specialisation. Focus on the real estate changes around you and grow your skills and knowledge. In a nutshell, “specialise.” Start developing your systems to support your progress.

As a commercial real estate agent, he has over 35 years of hands-on, advanced real estate experience and has spoken at real estate conferences in many countries worldwide. Today, here online, he shares that experience and knowledge.

Real Estate Agent Opportunities

Where do you start to grow your real estate business today? Examine your property market’s recent history to observe how it has changed, and then predict where it will go over the following four to five years. Define your client base. Define your property specialty. Then formulate and act on a plan and system that can work for you.

The global property market is always changing. That is good. Make the right choices now and advance as a broker or agent. We can help you with that.

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Choose the best properties, clients, listings, and business opportunities based on the right target marketing and segmentation. Take action on a plan; your plan.

In today’s commercial real estate market, agents and brokers will always have enough commission and listing opportunities in most towns and cities.

Each property category will have churn and activity that can be converted into new listings and transactions; the key to generating results is spotting the next opportunity. That is where the best commissions are obtained.

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