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Distressed properties are sold for various reasons, occurring more frequently in a changing market. Those distressed properties are out there for you to find and work on in a property market like this. Why is this important? They are a good source of listing activity for commercial real estate agents. When the property market is…

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Amidst the ever-changing property market, a plethora of property investment opportunities are consistently available. This market cycle, which typically repeats every five to seven years, is not a hurdle but a strategic advantage that commercial real estate agents and property investors can leverage. This understanding empowers them to participate, purchase, and sell properties at the…

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In commercial real estate, particularly shopping centre management, the revenue streams you administer and monitor are crucial to the long-term performance of your property investment. Every vacancy that can or will exist in the property during the year will jeopardize the property’s value and the success of the remaining tenants. Vacancies do little to improve…

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When owning, leasing, or managing a shopping centre, you want to reduce and remove the problem of vacancies. As leases end or pressures occur for some tenants, vacancies are a real problem that requires a strategic approach. It is, therefore, essential to have a lease renewal strategy and a tenant retention plan active. Do you…

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When listing a commercial property for sale today, some strategies and considerations can improve your outcomes in the timing of the property sale and the eventual price. Clients engage us as agents to sell their property based on our skills, market coverage, and marketing message. By focusing on those three factors, you can always build…

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Starting a career in real estate development is an exciting way to contribute to community growth, create new buildings, and potentially achieve significant financial gains. Being successful in real estate development involves more than just an interest in property or business. It requires a good grasp of market trends, solid financial planning, and the flexibility…

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