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How to Present for Commercial Property Managements

The process of pitching and presenting to win a commercial property management is quite special. In this audio program, John Highman talks about fees, clients, property facts and strategic property management. A good property management appointment is one where you match your services into the clients investment targets and property challenges.  There are things to […]

Facts About Negotiating Commissions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many of the property owners and business leaders that we serve and class as ‘clients’ or ‘prospects’ in commercial real estate brokerage, like to negotiate fees and commissions downward.  To them, it can be part of a ‘game’ to seek further value in their property challenge.  Don’t be too eager to respond to the ‘reduction’ […]

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Goal Setting Rules for Commercial Property Managers Today

In a commercial real estate agency the goals of a commercial property manager are totally different than that of an agency salesperson.  Whilst the commissions generated will be important to both, the ways that commissions are achieved are very different.  Goals therefore need to be set from different perspectives. It can be said that the […]

Property Management

Landlord Reporting Tips in Commercial Property Management

The management of commercial and retail property today are complex issues. The profession requires diligent process and highly skilled people. As part of that, the chosen property manager should be reporting to their landlords in a regular and professional way. The size and the complexity of a property under management will dictate the diversity and […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Ways to Negotiate Fees and Commissions Today

In commercial real estate, the negotiation of commissions can be a regular problem.  The client may be looking for the best deal on fees, but the reality is that a successful sale or lease in this market only comes from the real effort on the part of the agent and for that, the client should […]

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