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How to Present for Commercial Property Managements

The process of pitching and presenting to win a commercial property management is quite special.

A good property management appointment is one where you match your services into the clients investment targets and property challenges. 

There are things to look at including:

  • Rent collections and arrears
  • Outgoings or property running costs
  • Net income results
  • Maintenance of the asset
  • Lease documentation
  • Tenant mix factors, and
  • Arrears and vacancy factors etc.

All of these things present issues of management and control.  Some of these things may require deep and direct management over time. 

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Pressure Points

What you should do here is look for the pressures and challenges of the property, then seek to understand how long it will take to turn the issues around. 

Skills, people, and time are all involved in resolving a property challenge.  The fees for service should reflect that fact.

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