Methods of Sale to Beat the Competition

What is the best method of sale to use in commercial real estate today? The answer will impact your results as a broker or agent. Make the right choices and this audio program today will help you understand how to work with that. When you get the sale process right, the genuine purchasers are in […]


The Best Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Services

How do you pitch your real estate services in this changing market? First, understand the property market in your location for the dynamic changes and then sell your services based on unique solutions. Then, use the market changes to build some deep and direct marketing solutions for your client and their property. Be the Special […]

Brokerage Podcast

How to Sell Your Commercial Real Estate Services Without Pitching

In commercial real estate brokerage today we all know that the property market is highly competitive and changing through the year. This year will have plenty of opportunities when it comes to clients and listings in commercial real estate.  That is with all property types across retail, industrial, and office property. So, it is time […]

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All-Purpose Message for Building a Sales Case in Commercial Property

You have found a commercial or retail property that you consider is saleable and you would like to convert to a listing.   How can you position yourself to improve your listing chances?   There will be other agents in your town or city chasing the same client or property, so expect some competition.  Some of those […]

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How to Build a Sales Case as a Seasoned Professional

With the changes in the property market now, there are plenty of chances coming up to convert and attract sales. It is time to look at the types of properties that are likely to sell today and why that is the case. Business owners and property investors are thinking about their alternatives. As a local […]


The 5 Golden Rules to Attracting Commercial Real Estate Business

In today’s video, we cover some specific strategies that you can use to put the direction in your real estate brokerage business, particularly with sales and leasing listings and clients. Be in control when it comes to your brokerage activities, and work with more listings exclusively held; control your market. Mastermind your strategies to use […]


Commercial Real Estate Online – Podcast 2019 Episode 23

In today’s podcast you can learn how to focus and improve your Commercial Real Estate Listing Sales Pitch and Presentation Strategy.  You can get or listen to the Podcast below:

Creative Sales Pitch Ideas Chart

In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, the listing pitch for sales and or leasing has to be special in so many ways.   The conversion of the listing is just the start of the process of marketing and connecting with the target audience.  Essentially, the client has to believe that they are working with a top agent […]


Do It Yourself Sales Pitch Secrets for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents – Report

I have spoken about pitching for listings in many different ways over the years, across sales, leasing, and property management.  Relevance is the key to attracting the client’s attention and conversion of the listing. Practice will also help you with that important equation. Sometimes a unique client or property will require a special approach with […]

Special Report – 6 Sales Pitch Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Often you will hear a real estate broker or an agent undertake a sales pitch with a client or prospect.  They will be doing so on the basis of listing, marketing, inspecting, or negotiating.  Preparation is the key to converting the interest of the other person.  Practice will underpin and improve conversions.  How are your […]

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