Commercial Real Estate Online was established over 20 years ago by John Highman, a seasoned Commercial Real Estate Agent and Broker. He is currently an international conference speaker, author, educator, and broadcaster.

John has been organising conferences and delivering keynote speeches all over the world for the past two decades. During these events, he discusses his ideas, skills, and strategies for commercial real estate brokerage.

John’s clients have played a key role in making significant investment decisions and acquisitions in office, industrial, and retail properties.

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Putting skills and strategies into your real estate business.

This website regularly shares real estate skills and knowledge with Commercial Real Estate Agents and Teams from around the world online.

We publish podcasts, videos, and PDF reports to assist agents worldwide with their activities and skills in sales, leasing, and property management.

Every year, we assist thousands of real estate agents around the world in capitalising on their career opportunities as well as new brokerage business opportunities.

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Set your Agent Actions for Results

Change is Opportunity Today

There are numerous changes in the commercial real estate industry today. Having said that, there is a great opportunity in this property market for agents and brokers who base their personal real estate activities on a structured approach.

Think about your clientele, property types, and location. What are your top priorities for your real estate business this year? Let us help you develop your ideas and systems. There are skills, strategies, and ideas available to help you get ahead.

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