Creative Sales Pitch Ideas Chart

In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, the listing pitch for sales and or leasing has to be special in so many ways.   The conversion of the listing is just the start of the process of marketing and connecting with the target audience.  Essentially, the client has to believe that they are working with a top agent that has the ‘command’ of the property market locally (or by segment).  Those factors have to be merged into the sales or listing pitch.

How successful are your listing conversions?  What are the motivations of your clients today as they seek to resolve their property challenges?  These are important questions to work with.

The work that we put into a listing requires ‘exclusivity’ for the time to be applied to the marketing.   If you cannot convert the listing exclusively, then you should question just how much time you should apply to the listing.  Exclusivity matters to your focus and ongoing efforts.


Listing and Sales Pitch Chart

Here is a sales pitch chart to help you see some of the important processes that I like to cover in any listing situation.  The ‘deeper you go’, the easier it is with the listing conversion.

commercial real estate listing pitch chart
Listing Pitch Chart by John Highman