Presentation and Sales Pitch Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

It is no secret that the commercial property market is slow and difficult from time to time. When that happens it is the best agents that win the business as they provide the best value to the clients they act for. Those agents will bring to each and every listing a detailed process for marketing, selling, and negotiating the commercial sale or lease.

It is easy to say that you are the ‘best’ real estate agent in town. Without question, it is the proof and the evidence of that fact that becomes far more important in the sales pitch and presentation for the listing. How often do you hear agents claim the following:

  • They are the best agent in town
  • They have great people
  • They understand the market
  • They will do a great job
  • They will create a successful sale or lease

Just about every commercial real estate agent will say one or more of these things. The reality of the situation is in the evidence. What proof can you provide of your real estate relevance to the client?

Any good agent should be prepared to drill down and provide specific comments and strategies to help the client understand how the property will be marketed to specific and relative targeted segments. Your ‘success’ factor has to be proven for you to be relevant to the client as a local agent today.

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Structuring Your Ideas of Marketing

Gone are the days of putting a property listing in the newspaper and on the Internet to attract the enquiry. There are many more things to be done.

To sell or lease a property today involves hard work and specific marketing strategies; good listings deserve that. That is why exclusive listings are the better way to go if you are an agent for a location and or a property type.

Don’t Lose the Listing

Sure, if you want to take an open listing on the chance that you can do something with it, then that is fine, but be prepared for the listing to ‘disappear’ with other agents interfering and accessing the client.

When you control your listings through the exclusive listing process, you control the enquiry and the client response. It is easier to get a result that way.

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Exclusive Listings and Your Attention

You and only you can only give the exclusive listings the level of attention required in such a difficult market. It is easy to show your clients and prospects the value of an exclusive listing in this economic environment.

So the best sales pitch an agent can give the client today would include specific strategies about some of the following:

  1. Exactly who or what the target audience is to be for the property
  2. How the target audience will be attracted to the property
  3. Specific marketing strategies that provide enquiry in such tough markets
  4. Evidence of pricing, methods of sale, methods of a lease, and negotiations that have proven to be successful in recent time
  5. Evidence to show the size of your database that is relevant to the property type

This is definitely not a generic approach to the marketing or sales pitch process. To answer these questions you need to be on top of the enquiry and ensure that you are highly experienced as an agent relative to the commercial property type in your local area. If this is not you, then you have some work to do.

It is in property markets like these that we see the best agents excel in their listing conversions and commission creations.

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