Commercial Real Estate Sales Pitch

In the sales pitch or presentation process for commercial real estate, you will commonly find that the client will question you regards your fees and costs compared to your competitors. 

They are looking for clear reasons to use your services in comparison to that of your competitors. When that does happen you need to have your comments ready.

Be Careful in What You Say

One big important fact here is that you cannot criticize your competitors in any way; that process will more than likely kill your opportunities of winning the listing. 

When you criticize the other competition agents you are actually criticizing the client and their ability to consider or interview the other agents before making a choice on the listing. Show your client the respect they deserve and highlight your unique and important property services that other agents are overlooking.

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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

The reasons for the client to choose you as the best agent for the listing should be based on logic and relevance. Those factors should be central to your presentation and pitch.

What can you do here with your listing presentation? You need to answer the following questions clearly for the client:

  1. Why should they choose you as the agent to help them with this property challenge today?
  2. What have you done in the past that is relevant to them today?
  3. What are some advantages that you bring to the listing and the client that will help them get better results faster?
  4. What do you know about the property type and the local area that will help the marketing of the property?
  5. What do you know about property marketing today that will help their sale or lease process and shorten the time to achieve success for the client?

These are very simple questions that are overlooked by many agents in their sales presentations. It is time to walk in the shoes of the client to provide the best property solution available.

There are some specific ways to address these issues, and you can refine your processes and approach to the client based on local market knowledge and information.

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How to Be Sales Relevant Locally

The following items can be used to demonstrate your relevance to the listing, the client, and the challenge.

  1. Your marketing strategies should be clearly defined and distinctly different. There are many alternatives for marketing to use today, however, some are better than others. Give the client some clear reasons to use those marketing methods that you believe are very relevant to the property and the challenge.
  2. Your definition of the target market for the listing is quite important. Convince the client that you understand exactly what the target market is for the property and tell them exactly how you will approach it. A property strategy is everything to the client; show them how you can shorten the property pain that they are experiencing.
  3. The client will have some specific concerns relative to their property and the current challenge. Through a question and answer process, you should get to the main issues that frustrate the client, and then provide some clear and specific solutions to those challenges. If you can identify these issues before your presentation or sales pitch, you can then feed the answers into the format of your proposal; that is a real advantage in competing against other agents.
  4. Your database and its current list of prospects can give you some leverage with the client. Give the client some information regards the database and the shortlist that you have immediately identified as being relevant to the listing. It will be hard for the client to ignore the relevance of qualified prospects and opportunity of immediate property inspections.
  5. The people that you have helped with similar property needs in the past will be of interest to the client today. The client likes to know that they are not alone in their existing property challenge and marketing process. Success stories from other listings and other clients will be relevant to your listing conversion today.
  6. Your inspection strategies can be explained to the client so they know that you will show their property in a strategically professional way. Tell them exactly how you will approach the property and move through the property with due regard for the features and improvements as they currently exist. You can also use digital photographs on a laptop computer as part of this presentation process.

Let the client see from the start that you totally understand their needs and focus; let them know that the targets they require will be merged into the negotiation and closing process with the appropriately qualified prospects.

Tell them how you will negotiate with any prospects and how you will provide them with the appropriate feedback. Give them a list of goals that you believe are critical to their current concerns. Tell them how you will address the matters and keep them updated through the marketing and negotiation stages.

You can clearly see that the sales pitch and presentation is all about what you can do for the client. It is not a matter of criticizing the competition, but it is a matter of showing why you are professionally better than the rest.

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