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When you have something to sell or lease in commercial or retail real estate, the listing process and the ways in which you present your ideas to clients and prospects should be carefully planned and considered.   You will only have a short time with the client to ask questions and give your ideas.   It stands to reason that you must prepare for your listing presentation.  Think about these questions.

  • So where do you start to refine your property presentation?
  • How can you stand out as the right person for the job?
  • Why should the client listen to you?

Making Property Recommendations

Match your recommendations to the client, the property, and the prevailing market conditions.  Above all else, be locally specialised in what you say and recommend to your clients.  There are things to talk about with the client; a ‘comprehensive approach’ is required.

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Commercial Brokerage Presentation Chart

Here is a listing presentation chart that will help you engage with the client in many different ways.  You can add to the list based on your property type and location.  You can get the brokerage presentation chart right here.

listing presentation chart
Commercial Brokerage presentation chart

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