Cold Call Reluctance Solved Permanently

In commercial real estate brokerage and telephone prospecting, it is easy to get ‘swamped’ and diverted from the key task of making calls. Most people in real estate will avoid the task of call prospecting if there are some other things that can be done. That simple decision remains one of the biggest mistakes for […]

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The Simple and Easy Mindset that Makes Cold Calling Effortless

Many agents look at different ways of improving their real estate business over time particularly with clients and with listings. The best strategy to build your real estate business faster is that of making outbound telephone calls.  It works very effectively when it comes to prospecting for listings and growing market share. Get Free Resources […]


Understandable and Easy to Do Cold Calling Plan in Brokerage

Making plenty of outbound calls in commercial real estate today is perhaps the best way to create new business for yourself. As the property market changes, the fact of talking to new people will help you find the sales and leasing transactions where people want help. Sure, prices and rents are changing, but that is […]

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How Cold Calling Makes an Instant Impact in Commercial Brokerage

Once you start making cold calls in commercial real estate, you’re going to need a way of processing conversations, people, and opportunities. In this property market, cold calling is the best way to get real estate momentum in brokerage. Want more help? Get our resources and brokerage updates here. One of the strategies we recommend […]

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How to Increase Your Listings and Commissions with Cold Calling

Direct marketing in commercial real estate involves cold calling, and that process is the best way to find new people that need your help. As the property market shifts and changes today, new people are emerging and they need help, strategies, and solutions to take their property investments and business operations forward. The strategies in […]


Proven Telephone Cold Calling Techniques for Real Estate

As the property market changes with this World health event, the telephone is now a powerful business tool in a number of ways. It connects you to current clients, prospects, and more importantly new people. A fact for you today. Call contact activities help you find more change and churn in real estate, and that […]

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