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How Cold Calling Makes an Instant Impact in Commercial Brokerage

Once you start making cold calls in commercial real estate, you’re going to need a way of processing conversations, people, and opportunities. In this property market, cold calling is the best way to get real estate momentum in brokerage.

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One of the strategies we recommend you use in brokerage today is by incorporating all of the business telephone books for your town or city into your call processes. Sure, you will have businesses that lease or own properties. Either way, you want to know who the head person may be and what they are thinking in these times of change in commercial real estate.

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Telephone Prospecting is a Proven Winner

In this podcast today, you will learn how to build a telephone prospecting system in your real estate business. Invest in your future and cash in on the changes of today’s property market; people need your help.

Once you start making the calls and refining your practices, you should ‘test and measure’ everything, so you know where your calls and contacts are improving and what people are saying. Have a listen to the podcast below.

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