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Local Business Opportunities Matrix for Agents

Its time to create some strategies for your commercial real estate business in these changing times. Where can you find the business? The answer is ‘locally’. It is a simple plan.

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Don’t Get Confused in Brokerage

When things get confusing or frustrating in brokerage, always dig down into the local area of buildings, property owners, and business owners. You will find the business that you want by doing that.

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That approach in itself is a simple plan of action. Conversations at a local level will produce leads and listing opportunities for individual agents; its just that many agents overlook the value of going ‘local’ in a comprehensive way. Build your contact system around that opportunity.

Local Business Ideas Matrix Download

In this matrix today with the chart we are giving you some ideas and questions to work through as part of connecting with the local business owners.

business opportunities and strategies chart by John Highman

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