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Strategic Shopping Centre Marketing Plan

A retail shopping centre is a particular type of investment property. If you manage, lease, or own a retail shopping centre, then the shaping of a marketing plan and its implementation will be crucial to the attraction of customers through the year and the tenants’ success for the longer term. All stakeholders in the property […]

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5 Reasons to Remodel Your Commercial Bathroom

Image Source: Unsplash There is only one way to keep a commercial property looking its best, and that is through remodelling. It can be a daunting experience, but if you or your client is looking for a good place to start, the bathrooms are a great place. Nothing will date a property like a rundown […]

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Good Things to Do in Commercial and Retail Property Management

The process of managing a property is far more than just collecting the rent and administering leases.  It can and should be a strategic process that is matched into the landlord and their property investment requirements.  That is where ‘strategy’ takes over.  Local area assessments and strategic investment discussions should be happening between asset managers […]

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How to Reach Out and Grow Your Commercial Property Management Portfolio

The property management side of our real estate business offers a lot of opportunity in ongoing services and commissions. It is a matter of understanding your client base, your town or city, and the property management needs therein. Offer leasing, sales, and investment improvement services to your property management clients and prospects. In this podcast, […]


How to Improve Shopping Centre Performance

So, the equation to retail and shopping centre property performance goes a bit like this….   Strengthen the tenant mix so that all the demands of the customer base are encouraged and served with a variety of goods and services Attract customers to return to the property frequently for all of their retail shopping needs […]

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The New Business Toolkit for Commercial Property Managements

This podcast is all about growing your commercial real estate property management portfolio. The podcast will give you ideas to tap into the right people, the right properties, and package your management services for professionalism. Here are some ideas to help you boost your commercial property management portfolio with quality buildings and quality clients. Use […]

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