commercial real estate training podcast by John Highman

This podcast is all about growing your commercial real estate property management portfolio. The podcast will give you ideas to tap into the right people, the right properties, and package your management services for professionalism.


Here are some ideas to help you boost your commercial property management portfolio with quality buildings and quality clients. Use these ideas to optimise the management portfolio that you currently have. Find the right new buildings to manage into the future.


In commercial property management, there are many things that you can do to drive new opportunity into your portfolio of managed buildings. In expanding your property management portfolio, ensure that you are working with the better clients and the quality buildings. Quality always builds opportunity. The better buildings and the prime precincts are where you should be focusing your efforts.  These focus points create greater leasing interest and occupancy turn over. That’s simply then leading to more fees and ongoing leasing opportunities.


In this podcast today, you can learn how to improve your commercial real estate property management portfolio and build it with the right types of clients and properties so that your agency can thrive with other new business opportunities over time.