People that choose to become commercial property managers should respect the need for specialised knowledge and control in the job. It is a focused career and it is totally different than commercial property sales. In most cases the character of a commercial sales person is not ideal for commercial property management.

Landlords need property managers that can analyse the property performance currently and then provide strategies to take the property forward. It is not unusual for a property to have its own business plan and for that document to be created by a property manager for the landlord.

In the basic sense commercial property by type will be either that categorised as office, retail, or industrial.

Beyond that there is a need to fully understand the variables of:

  • Rent selection and optimisation
  • Lease documentation and management
  • Tenant Mix
  • Tenant management
  • Lease performance
  • Income analysis
  • Expenditure performance and budgeting for the property
  • Building maintenance procedures
  • Risk Management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Essential safety measures
  • Financial analysis of investment performance in property
  • Planning regulations and controls
  • Building improvements and standards

These skills can be learned and developed by the individual. That then allows the real estate business to be more diversified and supportive of property owners and investors that wish to move beyond residential property.