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How Agents Can Optimize Their Time

In commercial real estate brokerage, time is the most valuable resource and each day there will be pressures on that. The best ways an agent can proceed in the industry is by using the time to their advantage. The property market is likely to be very busy this year, so the ways you approach your […]

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Simple Daily Business Routines for Commercial Real Estate Agents

The best way to get anywhere in commercial real estate is to modify your activity and particularly your daily routines. In the podcast today, we can share some specific ideas to help you engage with more people and do that consistently over time. The real estate market is changing, and that is a good thing. […]

Brokerage Leasing

How to Best Use Your Spare Time in Leasing Commercial

The commercial real estate leasing market is busy most of the time, but this property market is a bit special.  For the foreseeable future in this economy, it should be increasingly busier as occupants and investors look at restructuring, savings, and improvement.  Property occupancy is a changing cycle and, as leasing agents, we are the […]


Time Tactics for a Better Commercial Real Estate Business

In commercial real estate brokerage, and as an agent, your working day will typically be busy with all types of people, property transactions, listings, and marketing.  Somewhere in that cycle will be the need to prospect for new business.  Know the facts. Every day is a busy day for most agents, and at a time […]


Time Management Techniques in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to do things in commercial real estate brokerage and your systematic approach awaits your creation and decision. In saying that, take the time to understand how you can optimise your working day, and your focus on quality properties and quality listings. What’re the typical problems we struggle with? We too easily […]


How to Win Tons of New Customers with Better Time Management

In commercial real estate brokerage, understand the value of your time and the resource that is available to you every day. How you use your time will greatly impact the results that you achieve in brokerage, listings, commissions, and client database. So where do you start? Essentially, devote some time to connecting with new people […]


Time Management Tips for Brokers on the Go

When you think about your commercial real estate business, there are extra things that you can do every day when it comes to your spare time between meetings, inspections and conversations. Use your time to greater effectiveness when it comes to connecting with new people and maintaining contact with the prospects that you already know.  […]

Time Management Facts that You Cannot Overlook

In today’s podcast, you can see how important your time is your success in brokerage sales and leasing.  You can also see the importance of your time in property management (albeit different).  Take the ideas from today’s program and modify how you do things each day so you get better results with the things that […]

How to Use Lists to Grow Your Real Estate Business Faster

In commercial real estate brokerage, the use of lists can be a good thing when it comes to getting momentum and results.  Why is it that ‘written lists’ are so important and effective when we have all types of apps and mobile-based tools that we can use?  The answer is simple.  Mix it up.   […]

Finally a Cold Calling Solution That Works in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So many people struggle with the cold calling processes.  That is unfortunate because using the telephone is a big part of our business and in creating opportunity with landlords, property investors, and business owners.  If you are struggling with new business and market share, then read on. Call the people that you consider as ‘targets’ […]

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