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Time Management Tips for Brokers on the Go

When you think about your commercial real estate business, there are extra things that you can do every day when it comes to your spare time between meetings, inspections and conversations. Use your time to greater effectiveness when it comes to connecting with new people and maintaining contact with the prospects that you already know. 

Ongoing contact is an effective way of growing your business over time in commercial real estate brokerage, so ensure that you have that system to drive your business forward effectively and directly.

In this podcast today, we share some ideas to help you use your time more effectively, and particularly your spare time existing between meetings and between property inspections. 

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You can build your real estate business through ongoing contact with the right people, and your spare time will be part of that. Perhaps it is a mindset and a discipline. However, the process of efficiently using your spare time can give you lots of leads and opportunities in your real estate business with sales, leasing, and property management. 

Engage with new people; that is the message. Build some real momentum around that.

Effectiveness Rules in Brokerage

How do you use your spare time now? In this podcast today, you will learn the following:

  1. How to ask for referral business with the people that you already know. A successful transaction is a good opportunity for the referral question, and from that question, you can grow other leads and opportunities with other people. Use the relationships with others to grow business through referral activity and referral opportunity. It is perhaps the fastest way to grow a real estate business, and you can do that through ongoing relationships.
  2. Use the time that you have now between meetings and property inspections to make more direct telephone calls to new people. Just 5 to 10 direct telephone calls to new people between those meetings and inspections can allow you to consistently grow your business in the right way. It is a mindset; however, it does work, and it does provide you with the leads and volumes of opportunities through ongoing contact. Talk to the property of people in your area. Grow your real estate business through constant contact with the right people in the right way.
  3. When you are in a local area to do a property inspection or a meeting, walk through the building or walk through other nearby streets and drop in your business card to those local businesses nearby. That strategy can be so powerful when it comes to connecting with the new people that you do not know or have not connected with before.
  4. In any connection or conversation with others, you can ask about buildings in the location, the precincts, and the streets nearby. It is a fact that most businesses and business owners will know where other leads and property changes are occurring in their location. They will know more about their location than you do. Use that information to your advantage and for your ongoing growth of real estate activity.
  5. Send out marketing letters at the end of each day when you have spare time and then follow up those marketing letters later in the week with direct telephone calls. As part of that initiative, you do need to do some research when it comes to the location and the property ownership records. 
  6. Research into the local investors or the business proprietors. Direct letters sent out every day can help you grow your market share and give you momentum in brokerage. The real estate business is all about momentum, so, ensure that you have some regular activities like this that you can rely on.

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