How to Convert Vendor Paid Marketing

Some property owners and clients, fail to understand or accept the real estate marketing realities of today and seek to save money when they sell. They forget about the ‘big picture’ and the end result that they are seeking. Vendor paid marketing requirements always improve property enquiry. What happens here? It is seemingly more important […]


What is the Best Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

There is no limit in terms of marketing strategies for real estate. There are different platforms and techniques that can be used. But it must be noted that the best way to increase sales is get to the right customers. Your online and offline marketing skills should be utilized in such a way that will […]


The Advertising and Marketing Formula that Really Works in Commercial Property

There are plenty of things that you can do when it comes to advertising marketing your good quality property listings. Take a look at every marketing campaign with a focus on exclusivity. Promote your exclusive listings more comprehensively into the location and across the targeted audience. So where do you start? With every listing, you […]


Marketing Strategies That Matter in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every property promotion today can be optimized for inbound enquiry.  In today’s podcast, John Highman shares how you can take your property listings and do more with them in marketing and enquiry. Attract more enquiry using these ideas with your quality property listings.  Listen to the podcast right here:

How Resetting Your Property Advertising Can Boost Your Inquiry and Inspections

You should never leave your commercial property adverts untouched for more than a couple of weeks.  The issue here is that you can and should refresh your exclusive listings so you can build your target market interest.  The first impression of a property advert may be ‘plain and boring’ to some people.  So the revamping […]

How to Create Niche Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are a number of lucrative real estate markets to consider in commercial real estate brokerage.  It doesn’t matter if you work in sales or leasing, you can choose your niche property market and ‘dive deeply’ into it.  There will be property owners and business owners needing your help. There is no point in being […]