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Elevate Your Brand: Effective Social Media Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Social media activities in commercial real estate are beneficial for agents. Still, they should never be at the ‘top of the list’ when generating new business for brokers. Be careful with the marketing approach, as social media activities represent only a C-class prospecting channel of opportunity.

Most new business you can generate as an agent in your area will come from personal contact, such as cold calling and setting up meetings. There are numerous people in your area to contact and schedule meetings with before pitching your services as an agent.

A conversation is invaluable for generating new business leads and opportunities in real estate today. The conversations are with new people. Once that’s done, you can stay in touch with your database list through social media.

What Media to Use?

What is the contact method you can use? This could include newsletters, social media posts, and informative articles about property changes and updates for investors, landlords, tenants, and developers. Over time, the four points of contact and categories will generate most of the new business you seek.

So, if you want to use social media for marketing, consider these strategies below for yourself as an agent and broker in your location.

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1. Writing Articles about Real Estate

Begin writing articles to publish online through your social media channels. These articles can be gathered or compiled monthly using information from various media outlets in your area.

As you read newspapers, look up transaction results, or learn about changes in local property zoning and approvals, you can write articles for monthly distribution on social media platforms.

2. Use keywords

Social media is only useful when you focus on specific topics like locations, property types, or client types. These are the keywords on which you base your stories and market case studies.

To be effective, social media needs to be engaging. This enables you to provide more detailed and meaningful information about changes in the real estate market. You can also create case studies on recent transactions that may interest the property investors you work with.

The fundamental rule of social media is to keep things exciting and consistent. Regularity entails sharing an article with your social media followers at least once per week.

3. Sharing information

The commercial real estate landscape is constantly changing, so there is always something new to talk about and share online. Transaction results are always worth writing about to help property owners and investors understand how the market is changing.

When sharing information on social media, use professional photographs or high-quality images; nothing detracts more from an article than an image that is improperly positioned or of poor quality.

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4. Information based

If you have something to say about your local real estate market, make it informative and high-quality. As the agent of choice in your area, build your brand around these two factors. While doing so, keep an eye out for specific property types.

5. Keep it Simple and Regular

Specialise as an agent across all of your social media platforms. Don’t try to be the agent who services all properties in a broad area. Recognize that search engines look for specific information about property types and locations to serve their readers better.

To maximise the effectiveness of your social media efforts, stick to specific property types and activity areas in your territory. Be known as a specialised real estate agent who can assist their clients in moving forward with their real estate marketing goals.

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6. The Marketing Alternatives

When considering the information you have available as an agent in your area, media channels you can use to distribute that information include websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, articles, newsletters, and market updates.

7. The Main Search Engines

The most important search engines to focus on are Google and YouTube. Consider how you can create content about your property market that you can post and that can be ‘seen’ by those search engines.

In addition to the standard social media platforms, you can create your blogging platform and publish your articles regularly.

8. Social Media Regularity

Finally, the proper use of social media requires time and consistency.

If you want to increase your market share and your client interaction, then publish content on social media regularly to establish a pattern for the readership you attract. Posting regularly means at least twice per week and perhaps four times per week.

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