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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – 4 Better Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategies Work More Effectively

We all know about social media today and its impact in the online world.  Some of us use social media in a personal way with friends and acquaintances.  That strategy can be comprehensively improved and shaped into commercial real estate brokerage. 

Your personal profile is not your business profile.  The social media strategies that you adopt in each case are totally separate and should not be confused.

A Social Media Rule

One rule should be remembered here when it comes to your use of social media and your online business profile.  Anything you release into the online world will be searchable and on that basis potentially impact your business profile.  Shape your online profile professionally and deliberately.  Do not say, do, or release anything online that could be of a negative nature.

Ultimately your commercial real estate business profile, your listings, and your identity will be searched by the clients that could choose your services or work with you.  Everything that you release online in your social media portals needs to be professionally and strategically shaped. That is ultimately done as part of a marketing and positioning plan.  Do you have one?  If not you will need to create such a plan.

Getting things started

Understand the targets of social media interaction as they apply to you and the keywords that you would like to feed into your business profile.  Search engines focus on information, and that information will be searched through keywords.  Those keywords should merge into your social media strategy.  The keywords for your online profile should be well chosen considering the following elements:

  • What will be your business strategy? As you move through the year, there will be market segments that are more active than others.  This means that your business strategy online should incorporate social media interaction and timing across the segments of sales, leasing, and property management.  That should be done at the right time of year and in the right way.
  • What are your specialised property types? Everything you do online should be matched into your specially selected property specialities.  You can have a lot to say online when it comes to the different property types of industrial, office, and retail.  You may only focus on one or two of those segments, however the way in which you create that focus is really important.  Try to specialise online in all the things that you do and say.  Stay within a limited profile and a deliberate set of keywords.  Don’t confuse the search engines.  Let them see you for the specialist that you want to be.
  • What have you done? Everything you achieve in the location will be noteworthy and of interest to the local businesses and property investors.  Any successful sale or leasing transaction that is not regarded as confidential can be released online and through your social media channels as a deliberate case study of activity.  You can talk about marketing strategies, results, and time on market.  Business owners and property investors like to understand what’s happening with local property and how the results were achieved.  You have a story to tell.  Be prepared to share it online into your social media portals.  That information can be produced in a number of different ways including pdf report, audio, and video.  With all the technological tools that you have at your disposal, many things can work together to spread the message of any single success that you create.  That’s what online marketing is all about.
  • Who are you? Use your name in a comprehensive and deliberate way online.  Certainly your name will appear on all the listings that you place for your clients.  That should only be the beginning of the online marketing equation; you have some more work to do.  You can then create plenty of local articles, editorials, and blogs relative to the location and the property type.  You can place those specially crafted informational releases into blogs, article marketing directories, real estate websites, and community billboards.  Good information will always be appreciated by the search engines and used as part of servicing online enquiry.  Frequency of placement is important when it comes to posting information online.  It is good business practice to lodge at least three articles per week into the different online information portals or websites.

So there are some things that you can do here to boost your online profile as a commercial real estate agent or broker.  You can integrate your social media platforms into your choices of local area marketing and a few selected types of properties.  You can set your key words deliberately and specifically.  You can merge all of those keywords into your online marketing efforts and social media interaction.

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