How to Build a Brokerage System for More New Business

It is a fact that goals alone will not do much for you in commercial real estate brokerage.  Goals won’t produce much momentum with people, properties, and growth of market share.  If you are struggling with your real estate business, you can set your goals, but immediately create some action plans and systems to suit. […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Improve You Client Contact Model and Why Do It

In commercial real estate brokerage there are factors of change happening in the property market all of the time.  Each year trends and enquiry rates shift and change both in sales and leasing.   To add to the confusion you get a lot of agents coming and going from the business. Some agents stay in the […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Client Synergy Wins More Listings

When you connect with your commercial real estate property clients and prospects, use some synergy and empathy to help the relationship grow over time.  You will never really know what the client is thinking and how they are motivated. The only way you can work with prospects and clients is to weave some synergy and […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to make the telephone ring

So many times I see agents and brokers struggling with attracting and converting enquiry.  They wonder why other agents seem to be attracting most of the market activity and listings. The fact of the matter is that quality listings exclusively held will create far more opportunity and churn for agents over time.  If the telephone […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Essential Questions to Qualify Investors as Clients

Commercial property investors purchase properties for a number of different reasons.  Some investors have a lot of experience with local property and others are just starting out.  The real challenge is to completely understand what they know and what they are looking for by way of property.  Look for the opportunities where you can match […]

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips – How to be an Expert in Property Promotion

To compete successfully in the commercial real estate brokerage industry today it is necessary that the top agents are experts in the marketing of property.  The standard marketing approach has no place when it comes to winning and promoting quality listings and prime properties. Any high quality property has to stand out as real and […]

Accurate Methods of Researching Your Commercial Property Market Brings Results

If you take the time to research your market thoroughly and completely, you will find plenty of opportunities to work on in commercial real estate sales and leasing. When things get tough and slow with clients and commissions, the best thing to do is talk to more people and focus on finding fresh opportunity.  That […]


11 Ways to Explode Your Commercial Real Estate Market and Grow Listings

Explode Your Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Market Share Just about every agent will say that they are an expert in the field of commercial property within their town or city.  The fact of the matter is that they really need to prove it comprehensively as part of their professional and personal marketing process.  […]


The 6 Essential Rules of Client Engagement in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage it really pays dividends to you as an agent if you set your rules of client engagement.  By that I mean it is wise to set the profiles of the ‘ideal client’, and for you to understand how you will connect with that client over time.  In following this specific […]


Quality Listings are Always Available to the Astute Broker

As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, it is relatively easy to find properties to list for sale or lease.  The real issue is in getting them on the terms and conditions that will allow you to convert more opportunity from the process.  The quality of the property and the methods of sale or lease will […]

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