Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Client Synergy Wins More Listings

When you connect with your commercial real estate property clients and prospects, use some synergy and empathy to help the relationship grow over time.  You will never really know what the client is thinking and how they are motivated.

The only way you can work with prospects and clients is to weave some synergy and empathy into your services, offerings, and communications.

Consider the differences of services and support you can offer across sales, leasing and property management.  How can you be better than your competition and not just another agent offering generic services?

What’s the message?

Our services have a real value at the right time to the clients that you can work with.  Those are the things that will also help you in converting listings exclusively and that fact is very important if you want to grow market share.  Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Collaboration – Put the client into your property recommendations and particularly the solutions offered. Show them how they are important to you in getting the results that they need.  For example, you can show them how the information that they provide about the history of the property will help in enhance marketing and editorial points of difference.
  2. Interaction – Tell the client how you will be communicating with them in a frequent way so that they stay abreast of the property inspections and any negotiations that you may have underway at any time. Allow them to be fully briefed on those important negotiation issues and help them understand how things are progressing.
  3. Concerted efforts – Put yourself into the property solutions offered and demonstrate how your efforts are focused on the end result. If you are selling a property then focus on how you are pulling in the targeted buyers.  If you are leasing a property then show how you will canvass all the local businesses to see who will want to move and when that could occur.  If you are to be managing a property, then show how your specific strategies in rental can lift overall net income and occupancy for the client.
  4. Action – Promises are nice, but action is far more important in commercial real estate brokerage. How will you take action on that property?  If the client has given you exclusivity then you will need to take regular and ongoing action to get results.  Create an action plan that relates to the client situation and their property.  Chart the processes and then work the listing accordingly.

These four points of focus will help you greatly in establishing client synergy and important levels of communication in commercial real estate brokerage.  These facts will help you progress a property listing to a positive result.

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