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How to Build a New Client Marketing Machine

In commercial real estate and as a broker or agent, your network of people and contacts will give you the foundations of ongoing business.  There is a marketing system to connect with a client list so you can get the most out of it.  Are you ready for the challenge of client contact?  The rewards […]

Brokerage Team

The Ultimate Negotiation Blueprint

In commercial real estate today, the frequency of undertaking a negotiation on a property matter is high, and the number of issues to understand as part of that are many. In addition, the property market is changing, and plenty of investors are looking for new places to spend money. As an agent, are you aligned to […]


An Easy System for Listing Opportunities

How can you create more listing opportunities in commercial real estate today? It is a changing market but one that is likely to open up considerably over the next 12 months as investors seek and find ways of growing their portfolios. So you need a plan for brokerage right now. Don’t just think about commercial […]


Essential Priorities for Agents Today

Today, this podcast shares some ideas to help agents thrive and grow in their real estate business day.  There are five ideas to work on and shape in your real estate business. Of course, the first item to think about will always be prospecting for clients and properties. In commercial real estate, prospecting should always […]

Marketing Sales

The Exclusive Listing Fast Track

The exclusive listing process in commercial real estate is unique in several ways, but mostly because it brings about a better result for your clients when you compare it to the other methods of sale. It can and should be the foundation of your real estate business over time. Do you want to win more […]


How to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business Quickly

Most agents want to grow their real estate business but putting some strategy around that is essential. Unfortunately, that strategy is not always achieved with the proper focus.  Certain things that are done every day will improve listing potential.  The random approach to real estate never works. It is time to think about strategy and […]

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