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Considering Public Safety When Starting a Company

There is much to think about when starting a business, from where to acquire funding to how to hire and attract new talent. One aspect that new business owners sometimes overlook is public safety, particularly when it comes to designing their commercial buildings and outdoor spaces.

However, paying attention to public safety is imperative to reducing theft, vandalism and lawsuits from customers and employees. Commercial Real Estate Online outlines some things to consider when starting a new company. 

Preventing Slips and Falls

Many people become injured in slip-and-fall accidents every year, with older adults having a higher risk of injury from bad falls. Businesses must have clear signage inside and outside their buildings indicating steps, uneven pavement and slippery floors.

During colder months, businesses should prevent snow and ice buildup on their sidewalks. Many deicing chemicals available for purchase, such as sodium chloride, that can be laid on the pavement even before a winter storm arrives. 

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Deterring Intruders notes that a robust security system is essential to deterring thieves and protecting employees and clients. If a company has employees who often remain at work after hours and are alone in the building, an alarm system can help them to feel safe. An alarm can discourage an intruder because the noise gives them the sense that they are being watched and may get caught.

A good security system can also alert a business owner that something is happening on their property regardless of how far away the owner is located.

If necessary, the property owner can even set up a smart camera that allows them to see the activity going on around their property from an app on their smartphone. 

Once installs are complete, security cams for smaller businesses can be handled in-house, thanks to smart technologies. What’s more, if there is a malfunction, you’re able to refer to troubleshooting tips and guides from specialized websites.

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Installing Lighting

Outdoor lighting, particularly in parking lots and parking garages, is essential for many reasons, including:

  • To help prevent car accidents on the property
  • To enhance the visibility of pedestrians walking near vehicles
  • To help deter criminal activity such as drug sales, vandalism and robberies, since bad actors often count on not being seen from afar

Remember to keep areas such as stairwells, walkways, and vestibules well-lit along with those areas populated by motor vehicles. Today, there is lighting that is ideal for use as parking structure lights, including those that use less electricity and those that only come on when they detect motion

Protecting the Business From Legal Liability

It is a good idea for business owners to do everything in their power to keep the public safe while on their property. Safety is crucial not only for maintaining good relationships with the public but also for avoiding legal ramifications.

Whether you are building a new facility or remodelling an existing one to fit your needs, hire a professional to ensure that the building is up to code and meets all building inspection requirements in your city. 

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It is also essential to purchase insurance to protect the company’s assets in the case of a legal liability case. Travelers points out that a liability insurance policy can help protect a business against medical claims and more. 

Protecting the Business From Legal Liability

Security also extends to customer and supplier data. Keep records safe through following industry protocols, and ensure policies remain current through regular reviews and monitoring.

Note that cybersecurity should be outsourced or a staff member trained to ensure best practices. You can also enrol in an accredited online school that teaches the latest cybersecurity programs. With an online cybersecurity degree, you can pursue a career in protecting information systems and networks from cyber threats and attacks.

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Ensuring public safety helps to make everyone who comes to a place of business feel secure and at ease. Installing proper lighting is one of the easiest and best ways to make a property feel safe and decrease the likelihood of crimes occurring on the property. 

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